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From the lofty heights of the Andes, to the depths of the Pacific Ocean, from the wild jungle of the Amazon region, adding the combination of the three different countries and cuisine, China, Japan and Spain. Sprinkling inspiration from the Incas, Peru's modern day cuisine is getting the attention of the culinary world. With this versatile influences of the Japanese came a dish of cured raw fish combined with lime brought from Spain become indisputably Peru's flagship The Ceviche. The endless variety of fish coming from the pacific Ocean and seafood like calamari, octopus, mussels, clams and using ingredients from traditional staples of Peruvian Cuisine like corn, sweet potatoes, and yellow hot peppers elevates this dish. Potatoes (with 4,000 varity so far) is used in dishes like the famous Causa Rellena wich is a classic made by mashing yellow potatoes with Yellow hot pepper ( Aji Amarillo) that only grow up in Peru and stuffing them with chicken or seafood. Onions and the Quinoa considered so beneficial by the United Nations for having many vitamins in the everyday dish. And the Anticucho, marinade meat chicken or cow heart with special Peruvian sauce and cooked on the charcoal. The Lomo Saltado, a popular traditional Peruvian dish made with marinated steak sirloin, tomatoes, onion, french fries and soy sauce and are cooked on the wok (Chinese influence). Allso we have Nikkei Cuisine, when two cultures are passinate about food, Peruvian and Japanese are morphed together. Chifa is a combination of Chinese and Peruvian foods

And for the sweet time Picarones, this doughnuts is made from sweet potatoes and large green squash called zapallo macre, they are like rings and fried up and served hot with an exotic syrup made from scratch from cane sugar, cinnamon and figs. Alfajores the most traditional Peruvian cookies filled with Peruvian caramel, Lucuma ice cream is part of our traditional dessert, the Budin and so many more dishes and igredients makes Peruvian food be part of the new culinary choice

* And the FOODIES, it's  a destination worth to stop by.

Choritos a la Chalaca

Our classic dishes with molecular touch

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